What We Do

We work with the world's leading gambling operators, creating fully personalised display campaigns that increase our clients' customer acquisition, whilst improving the retention of their existing users.

How it works

Web, Mobile & App Content
Our platform uses semantic technologies to make sense of content just like humans do. In milliseconds, we’re able to identify the relevant sport, teams and players that make up the primary subject matter of the content.
CRM Data
We match every user with an operator’s CRM data and establish their relationship with the operator before we serve an ad.
Live Bet Data
We manage the complex and constantly changing betting odds from sports betting operators and display bets relevant to the content and and to the user’s relationship with the operator

Every ad produced dynamically for
every single impression

By simply adding one line of code to any adserver, website or app

Multi Platform Capability

Our dynamic HTML ads operate across mobile and desktop and are easily integrated into your existing adserver or website using one line of code.

Web / Mobile Web

Our dynamic HTML ads operate across both the mobile and desktop web, and can be easily integrated into your existing adserving partner using one line of code.


Our SDK even understands publisher content - in app. Integrate our SDK into your sports app and turn your IOS app into a fully functional betting app in under 30 minutes.

Android SDK

Yup, you've guessed it, we've got that too.

Gambling Operators

Some the largest gambling operators in the world use the Fresh8 platform to significantly improve the efficiency and performance of their display and affiliate campaigns. Our partners use our platform to make more intelligent ad purchasing decisions and greatly improve ROI from their media partnerships.


Make your content betable and change the nature of your relationship with gambling operators. Some of the largest media companies in the world use our technology to optimise their performance, provide new advertising opportunities and increase CPMs from their gambling partners.


Help your operator clients get more from their marketing spend. Use Fresh8’s technologies to expand your services and wow your clients with really smart marketing solutions.


Andrew Sharland
MD / Co-Founder
Alex Baker
Front-End Developer
Chris Augier
Software Engineer
Chris Mallon
Software Engineer
Danielle Johnson
Front-End Developer
David Sargeant
Dom Udall
Head of Engineering
Harvey Turner
Jim Hill
Software Engineer
Joe McCabe
Product Manager
Lee Archer
Software Engineer
Mark Davies
Software Engineer
Matt Davies
Junior Front-End Developer
Max Weston
Junior Front-End Developer
Maxim McNair
Front-End Developer
Peter Cowley
Director / Co-Founder
Richard Fifield
Sam Stefan
Front-End Developer
Toby Archer
Software Engineer
Sarah McChesney
Commerial Manager
Umit Kayabas

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